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Please read carefully before placing an order

01 Order Process

Please read carefully before placing an order

Please add the selected products to the shopping cart and fill in your shipping information. ColaReb uses the international standard SSL information security encryption to protect the privacy of personal information.

We provide "Online Credit Card" and "Super Merchant Cash on Delivery" payment methods. You will be directed to the blue gold payment window. After your payment is completed, it will be automatically returned to our official website and confirm whether the order is established. And we will also send an order establishment message to your mailbox, alsoPlease confirm whether the purchased style and quantity are correct!Please confirm whether the purchased style and quantity are correct!

We provide "SF Express" and "Family, Lairf, OK Super Merchant Pickup" services. SF Express will send you an email with a logistics tracking number to track the status of the goods.

02 Instructions for return

Please read carefully before placing an order

If our products do not meet your expectations,The product is new and unused,We accept return service within 7 days. Please confirm yourinvoiceandproductIs it complete?

If the invoice is lost, please forgive us for your failure to return the goods!

when weAfter receiving the productConfirm that in a brand new unused situation, please provide us with the refund amount account, we will handle the refund immediately. (Without notice)

We will refund the amount of the product, but the return shipping fee shall be borne by the sender, please forgive us for it cannot be absorbed

Only provide shipping negligence and replacement of defective products at the time of shipment
We don’t accept exchange service as soon as possible,Please confirm the style and order you choose before placing an order,,Does it fit your watch!

If you have any doubtsBefore placing an order, please contact our customer service staff or suggest you go to a professional watch shop for inquiries. Before shipment, we will confirm the good product status and then ship and order information.

The 7-day appreciation period is not a usage period or a trial period. The product needs to be brand new and unused when returned within 7 days!

03 Instructions for ordering overseas

Friends in Hong Kong, Macau and China, please read carefully before placing an order

For overseas delivery, use "SF Express" delivery.

Recipient must fill inComplete and correct"Name" and "Address" and contact phone number, if you fill in incompletely or the information is incorrect, it will be "Unable to receive the package" or "Unable to deliver",Therefore, the additional shipping costs must be borne by yourself.

If the redistribution is the above situation, and the "rejected package" and other factors, the order will be cancelled directly, and the freight and related costs will be deducted.

According to the Taiwan Business Tax Law, no invoice will be issued (Business Tax Law: direct export of goods or services to overseas buyers may be exempted from issuing a unified invoice).

Depending on the region, the goods will be delivered about 3-7 days after being sent out. Depending on the delivery status of the courier and the customs random inspection, the delivery time may be extended.Customs taxation is at your own expensePlease forgive me.

Instructions for return and exchange in overseas regions

Friends in Hong Kong, Macau and China, please read carefully before placing an order

Overseas areas only accept "defective return" and "product error" services.

Because overseas shipping is more complicated, overseas shipping is allDo not accept return and exchange servicePlease be cautious before placing an order to confirm whether the product style and color of the order are correct. We will carefully check and package before shipment, please order with peace of mind.

If you receive a defective product or an error product, please take a photo within 7 days and send it back to "ColaReb Strap Facebook Fan Group"Customer service staff will deal with the refund immediately after being judged as "non-human defect" or "error product"

05 FAQ

We are the general agent of ColaReb® in Greater China "China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan".

- All the products sold by Coolare are imported from Italy and made in Italy by 100%.

ColaReb® products are replaced with spring bars, which are suitable for most classic watch brands "Rolex, IWC, SEIKO, OMEGA, PANERAI, etc.".If you have questions about the style, please contact our customer service staff before you place an order or you can come firstProfessional watch shopMake an inquiry.

ColaReb®Animal Free products are made entirely from materials of non-animal origin.

ColaReb® guarantees the authenticity of all goods purchased on this website.

Comply with the strict requirements stipulated by the REACH standard, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 standard, UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard and further Italian and European environmental certification.

The price on the website refers only to the selling price of the goods. Does not include freight and customs fees.

Our straps are replaced with spring bars, suitable for "Rolex, IWC, OMEGA, SEIKO and other classic brand watches". If you are not familiar with self-replacement, we suggest that you can go to a professional watch shop for replacement and inquiries.

06 Purchase Notes

Please read carefully before buying

The base currency is billed and converted in Taiwanese Dollars. The actual fee you will be charged will be calculated after conversion to the currency at the foreign currency exchange rate of the issuing bank.

Each computer screen and mobile phone will affect the color display of the display due to different settings and brand names. It is inevitable that there will be differences in color difference and personal sensory perception.The actual product color is mainly.

ColaReb® is a handmade product imported from Italy, and in order to provide consumers with the latest product styles at any time, it is sold by pre-ordering and adding some spot goods.

After remittance, if there is stock in 3~5 working days (Excluding holidays) You can receive the goods, if there is no stock, you must wait for more than 18 working days (excluding holidays), because the goods are handmade and need to be imported from Italy, you need to wait for more than 18 working days. We will take the initiative to contact you to inform!

and soBuyers in a hurry to take the goods, please do not buy! So as not to cause misunderstandings and disputes between the two parties.

Under normal availability, the number of days to send the package will be calculated on the next working day after the order is established.

  • Taiwan: about 3~4 working days
  • Hong Kong: about 4~7 working days
  • Macau: about 4~7 working days
  • China: about 4~7 working days

*In case of major events or disasters, please follow the announcement of the local logistics company.
*In case of major events or disasters, please follow the announcement of the local logistics company..

How to check the shipping status of the goods?
You can inquire from the following link: SF Express shipping progress

Superstore pickup is mainly based on the actual arrival time of Superstore logistics. If you have any questions, you can ask our help to check the status of logistics shipments.

Every strap of ColaReb® GrEvery strap of ColaReb® Greater ChinaNone will provide lug needles (spring bars).eater ChinaNone will provide lug needles (spring bars).

Yes, you need to buy the strap connector for Apple Watch, if anyFor size questions, you can ask our customer service staff or ask a professional watch store before making a purchase.(We will launch related products in the future, so stay tuned)

If you need lug fork tools, please contact us.
We recommend the long-term service manufacturer "Switzerland BERGEON" all-steel double-headed watch ear fork series, there are four specifications with optional:
• Product function: It can be used as a lug and needle punch, a very practical tool.
• Instructions for use: Use the tip of the lug fork to remove the lug (spring bar) of the case end of the strap, remove the lug smoothly and replace the strap, and then buckle the strap back to the end of the case.
• It is a professional-grade tool, very easy to use!
• Probability of use: ★★★★★ (belongs to the commonly used tools of major brands)

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